for the installation, operation and maintenance of fire hydrants.

Before application

Hydra-Kleen applied

After application


Fire Hydrant Degreaser • Eco-friendly • NSF A1 Registered

Specifically formulated for use on fire hydrants, this new NSF-registered degreaser effectively cleans nozzle and cap threads during fire hydrant maintenance. This product works hand in hand with Hydra-Eze Anti-Seize lubricant, which can be applied after using Hydra-Kleen to thoroughly degrease and clean the nozzle and cap threads.

Hydra-Kleen is a uniquely formulated, NSF A1 registered aerosol spray. The degreaser’s powerful foaming action dissolves and breaks down weathered/contaminated compounds previously applied to nozzle and cap threads, simplifying the maintenance process. More importantly, Hydra-Kleen will make a hydrant even more reliable during emergency situations.
While this product was designed specifically for use on fire hydrants, it can be used anywhere a degreaser is needed.

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