for the installation, operation and maintenance of fire hydrants.


We provide products and materials which serve the Underground Utilities Industry. Gradelok®, Fire Hydrant Maintenance Products and much more.

Assured Flow Sales, Inc. was founded with the creation of the Gradelok® Swing Arm Fitting and the intention of assisting utility professionals with the maintenance, operation and installation of fire hydrants. We have carefully created all of our products to contribute to the realization of that goal. Aside from the Gradelok®, we offer various other products that will make the maintenance, operation and installation of Fire Hydrants and other underground utilities a breeze!


  • Gradelok® Swing Arm Fittings
  • Hydra-kleen Degreaser
  • Hydra-Eze Thread Lubricant
  • Hydra-flector Reflective marker
  • Hydra-Tag (Labeling Markers)
  • Hydrant Inspection Ring
  • NIS Bags
  • N.I.S. (Not in Service) Markers
  • Valve Box Stabilizer
  • Hydrant Nozzle Savers
  • Misc. Fittings