Unique & innovative products for the installation, operation and maintenance of fire hydrants.

  • ASSURED FLOW SALES was founded with the creation of GRADELOK® and the intention of assisting utility professionals with the maintenance, operation and installation of fire hydrants. We have carefully created all of our products to contribute to the realization of that goal.
  • HYDRA-EZE is our NSF certified food grade anti-seize and thread sealing compound for fire hydrants.
  • HYDRA-KLEEN is our NSF A1 Registered Eco-Friendly Hydrant Degreaser.
  • HYDRA-TAGS are our solid brass identification markers for hydrants and valves. These durable tags ensure proper identification for the life of the product. HYDRA-TAGS can be custom stamped or include a barcode according to our customers specification.
  • N.I.S. PRODUCTS are an economical method of identifying hydrants that are not in service. These bright orange poly bags clearly state that the hydrant is NOT IN SERVICE.
  • NOZZLE SAVER prevents costly damage to fire hydrant hose nozzles due to excessive weight of construction meters and backflow preventers.