Unique & innovative products for the installation, operation and maintenance of fire hydrants.

From the ground to the cloud Assured Flow Sales is laser focused on providing innovative products and services to utility professionals. From installing or replacing a hydrant to tracking asset and maintenance details, Assured Flow Sales has a solution to help make these tasks more efficient and cost-effective. Our commitment has always been to offer practical, unique and quality products and services to assist utility professionals with the maintenance, operation and installation of fire hydrants and valves.

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Specifying Gradelok® gives you the advantages of a restrained joint and grade adjustment in a single fitting.


Specifically formulated for use on fire hydrants, this new NSF A1 Registered degreaser effectively cleans nozzle and cap threads during fire hydrant maintenance.


A premium, NSF H1 registered, synthetic, food grade, non-drying thread sealant and anti-seize compound formulated with a balanced blend of PTFE and other lubricating solids.


A durable, highly reflective marker designed specifically to enhance night time visibility and identify hydrant flow characteristics.

Hydra-Tag System

Virtually indestructible solid brass and polished chrome asset identification tags. Assured Flow’s Hydra–Tag is a custom tagging and identification system for Hydrants and other Utility Assets.

Hydrant Inspection Ring

A durable, cost effective method that appropriately displays a Fire Hydrant’s most recent inspection date and information.

NIS Bags

Brilliant safety-orange poly bags that are designed to give firefighters a quick, visible reference that a fire hydrant is temporarily out of service.

NIS Rings

The redesigned NIS Rings allow water utility professionals to appropriately identify a fire hydrant that is currently not in service.

NIS Tags

Our patented design not only is visible from the front of the hydrant but also from the sides giving advanced warning to firefighters that the hydrant is not in service.

Valve Box Stabilizer

Insert the VALVE BOX STABILIZER the next time you realign valve boxes. The box won’t shift during backfilling or when the soil settles.

Nozzle Saver

The Nozzle Saver prevents costly damage to fire hydrant hose nozzles. Lightweight, easy to handle and very durable.

Asset Management App

Smart-Trak H2O, a cloud-based asset management application, gives utility professionals the ability to accurately record, track and report vital utility asset details.