for the installation, operation and maintenance of fire hydrants.

With Gradelok®:

Without Gradelok®:

Gradelok® MJ X Swivel Installation Video

Gradelok® Swivel X Swivel Installation Video


Many times during installation, a hydrant is set far below or above grade. Using Gradelok® gives you the ability to set a hydrant perfectly to grade, any time an installation takes place.

Specifying Gradelok® gives you the advantages of a restrained joint and grade adjustment in a single fitting. You’ll provide enhanced aesthetic appearance by having all fire hydrants set exactly to grade. And by specifying Gradelok® you’ll save money by eliminating expensive extension kits and concrete thrust devices. Be sure to specify Gradelok®, the system providing the very best hydrant installation available.

Reasons for specifying Gradelok®”

  • Reduced installation costs and taxpayer budget savings are an important consideration, however… Public utility directors, politicians and taxpayers should demand the specification of Gradelok® for the public safety benefits!
  • Fire Department wrenches – approximately 15″ long need appropriate clearance from groundline to nozzle centerline of 18″ to spin the caps off quickly in an emergency.
  • At properly-installed nozzle centerline of 18″, ONE fireman can easily attach a suction hose by holding it between his knees while threading the coupling. Hydrants installed too high or low require at least TWO firefighters to hook up.
  • The 18″ distance is the most effective to enable a fire hydrant’s traffic feature to break properly upon impact. If the traffic flange is buried or set too high, chances of it breaking correctly upon impact are greatly reduced.
  • The traffic flange is always exposed, easily-inspected for damage or leakage during routine maintenance.
  • At a uniform installation height, firefighters can most-quickly identify fire hydrant locations in an emergency.
  • Gradelok® is manufactured of 350 Ductile Iron, cement-lined inside and tar-coated outside for corrosion protection, and conforms to AWWA C153/ANSI A21.53/AWWA C104/ANSI A21.4


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