for the installation, operation and maintenance of fire hydrants.


A premium food grade anti-seize for the nozzles and caps of fire hydrants.

Hydra Eze™ was specifically formulated to be a dependable, quality and long lasting anti-seize for the threaded connections on fire hydrants. Hydra Eze™ is a premium, synthetic, food grade, non-drying anti-seize compound formulated with a balanced blend of PTFE and other lubricating solids, homogenized into a non-melting grease carrier. Hydra Eze™ is engineered to provide a superior leak proof seal for the life of the connection while at the same time maintaining its’ anti-seize capabilities, allowing easy disassembly without causing damage to the threads.

While formulated for the threaded connections on fire hydrants Hydra Eze™ can also be used on various threaded connections on lines carrying numerous types of liquids and gases found in a wide variety of industries. Hydra Eze™ can be used on all brass, black iron, galvanized steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, pvc and fiberglass reinforced pipes. With a temperature range of -40*F to 1800*F you can use Hydra Eze™ from Alaska to Arizona and all points in between.

Hydra Eze™ does not contain any solvents, lead, graphite or clay fillers.


  • 9 oz Tubes with nozzle applicator
  • 18 oz Jars with brush applicator
  • 1 gal Jug

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