Valve Box Stabilizer

Insert the VALVE BOX STABILIZER the next time you install a valve and prevent the valve box from moving or tilting. You won’t have to come back to realign, tilt or move the valve box.

Insert the VALVE BOX STABILIZER the next time you realign valve boxes. The box won’t shift during backfilling or when the soil settles. It will be the last time you have to realign that valve box!

Once the VALVE BOX STABILIZER is in place, you will know that valve box will function properly for years to come without straightening or repair.

Convenient Size Handles the most common six-inch gate valves.

Durable, black polycarbonate material is rigid and last for years. Molded-in stabilizing fins, integral to the patented design, prevent valve box movement in the ground. The VALVE BOX STABILIZER makes your construction or repairs last for years.

Can’t reach the water valve with your key because the valve box has moved or tilted due to soil settling?

Constructed a water main and valve box shifted during back-filling?

Install a saddle type valve box stabilizer (VBS) over each valve to position the valve nut in the center of the valve box. The VBS is fabricated of High Impact Polystyrene.

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